Massive earthquake strikes Japan, triggers tsunami warnings

A magnitude 7.5 earthquake struck the West Coast of Japan on Monday, prompting tsunami warnings for much of the Sea of Japan Coast, the Japan Meteorological Agency reported. 

Based on preliminary estimates, the earthquake was Japan’s strongest since 2015.

The earthquake was centered 26 miles from Anamizu, Japan. Near the epicenter to the earthquake, a major tsunami warning was issued. Dozens of miles of the Japan coast line were expected to see a tsunami of up to 9.8 feet on Monday. 

The Japan Meteorological Agency confirmed parts of the area had experienced a tsunami on Monday. 

A hospital in Suzu City said several people have been transported with injuries, Japanese news agency NHK reported. A hospital in Wajima City confirmed to NHK that it was treating patients in a parking lot. 

A fire was also reported in the city center of Wajima City related to the earthquake. There were also reportedly people trapped in the rubble of collapsed buildings. 

U.S. officials said there is not a tsunami threat to the U.S. Pacific Coast. 

In addition to the 7.5 earthquake, the U.S. Geological Survey reported dozens of aftershocks, including a magnitude 6.2 quake. Officials warned that the region could be prone to damaging aftershocks in the hours and days following Monday’s earthquake.