An oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has grown to 1.1 million gallons

Efforts continued this week to contain an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that began last week and has now grown to more than a million gallons.

The Coast Guard says crude oil was released near a pipeline southeast of New Orleans, Louisiana, starting on Thursday.

By Wednesday, Nov. 22, the Coast Guard estimated more than 1.1 million gallons of crude oil had been released, but the agency said there was no evidence of new spillage.

Responders are using planes, remote submersibles and oil-skimming vessels to investigate and contain the spill. The Coast Guard said submersibles had inspected more than 23 miles of pipeline.

The spill was identified near a pipeline operated by Main Pass Oil Gathering Company, LLC. Main Pass is a subsidiary of Houston-based Third Coast, which operates oil and natural gas pipelines and processing in the Gulf Coast and Gulf of Mexico.

The exact cause and source of the spill is still unknown. The Coast Guard and other responders are continuing their investigation and have not identified a responsible party.

 The Coast Guard said there were no injuries or reported impacts to the local wildlife or shoreline.